When Joining DTM, our staff put you through a training programme, whereby you go through a TEST SHOOT, whether you have experience or not, this is a process all members go through prior to enrolling. On the day you work with a team of experts whose sole focus is to determine what type of jobs you'll be best suited. During this process our team will snap various different images. These will be the start of your portfolio or added to your current one. We will use these images to thoroughly promote you to clients to seek work, Inevitably the more diverse the portfolio the more different type of work we can secure for you.

As a startup model, it can take some time before you land a job that pays you more than £500 but the more you're in front of a camera actively building on your portfolio, the more people take you seriously, which leads to more exposure, and the more exposure you receive, the more work. That's the GOAL.


The photoshoot will cost £299. This is not including your DTM membership. Find memberships below. 

24 Months

Talent Manager

Personal Profile On Mainboard

(Top Row)

Social Media Promo

Casting Networking sites

Personal Photographer 

Job Board Access

Travel, Food & Accommodations 

​Admin & Taxes


Price £299​

12 Months

Talent Advisor

Personal Profile On Mainboard

Social Media Promo

Job Board Access

Travel & Food






Price £199


Profile On Development Board

Social Media Promo

Job Board Access









Price £100