The creation of this sister site (DTM Models) was put in place for startup models who are looking to break into the world of modelling. 


If you have already been building on your image and portfolio or are an experienced model looking for new representation please Email all your details to We aim to contact applicants within two weeks of receiving a successful application. Unfortunately we can't accept all applications, however, don't let it put you down, keep trying, keep building.


After the initial intake, all successful clients will be linked directly with Dynamic Talent Management (Agency)

Do I need a portfolio?

A portfolio is the key to your success. It is your CV. Modelling portfolios show ability and versatility, and will show your full potential as a model to all clients. Clients will hire you depending on your modelling portfolio, therefore the better your portfolio the higher chance of securing work. The stronger the portfolio the better as this enables us to negotiate a higher fee with clients for your service.

Do I need to pay for my portfolio?

Model's do need to fund their own test shoots before joining an agency or paying a photographer for their service (usually a photographer the agency recommend) whether that's by the hour or a set rate this is the norm, however DTM do not condone any organisation who sell dreams but only deliver pictures for huge prices, and we would say to any start up model to avoid this as it can be really expensive, not only that, but companies known for just selling pictures will most likely promise you a lot of things that are not true just so you buy in to their images, for example, they will tell you things like you'll be working with top brands by next month. Not to say this can't happen, however this is very unlikely for start up models and can usually shatter a start up models dreams when it doesn't surface. Agencies do NOT use so called PLATFORMS to do their recruiting so avoid these PLATFORMS at all cost. The best thing to do when starting out is to seek TFP Jobs which means (Trade For Photos/Prints) so you don't get paid for the project, however you do receive the pictures that were produced at the end. This has been proven to be the best way to build on your portfolio.

Does DTM guarantee work?

No agency will guarantee work. We can represent you and market you, however It's ultimately the creative decision makers who organise the shoots to choose which model they want to work with, and they do that by looking at your portfolio and your social media. The best way to appeal and stand out to a casting director is by actively building on your portfolio. Use different photographers, concepts, locations and styles. This may include hiring professional HMUAs, studios and other industry professionals especially if you want your material to be industry qualified.

How long would it take for me to get paid jobs?

From previous experience, there have been models who got a paid job the moment they began, but there has been case's where a model hadn't worked a paid job for a month or 2. This is not always the case, however, it can be difficult to fill up your diary with paid jobs when just starting out. The great news, DTM create In-house projects and workshops that keep our models actively working and building, however these are not paid.

How much will I get paid?

Rates for models really depend from client to client. Some rates can be hourly or daily. Once you are signed with DTM you should have a very clear understanding of all rates and percentages we take from your earnings, you can always refer back to your contract to keep track of your percentages and correspond with your talent manager in terms of earnings. 

Do I have to travel?

Modelling most definitley involves travelling and this does depend on the location of shoots and castings. Usually your talent manager will arrange your travel and cost. 

Would modelling affect my studies?

We will represent you and find work; it is up to you to decide which castings and shoots you would like to attend. Do not be afraid to say no. If you are in full time education, we would only book you jobs on the weekends and holidays so your studies are not interrupted. 

What shape or size do I have to be?

As we work in the commercial sector, we don't discriminate height, weight or age. Commercial modelling is an industry where it all depends on how genuine, serious and committed a model is. If you want it, go get it. Period.

Is a tattoo acceptable in the modelling industry?

While tattoos were no go in the industry, they are now more accepted, depending on their size and location