Have you dreamed of being a top commercial or fashion model but don't know where to start? Or, are you already a model looking to expand your representation to international markets? DTM Models can help you get the exposure and management you need to succeed!

We are experts with 10 years experience in the management and talent industry specifically tailored to getting models promoted and working.

No scary auditions or open calls. You can be seen today by over 100 of the industry's top professional's from all over the UK including Northern Ireland once you join us.

DTM® was developed by a team talent agents, each of whom have a minimum of 10 years experience developing and managing models and other talent.

Our staff fully understand the various aspects of the modelling industry and pride ourselves on developing strong relationships with clients which in turn enables us to negotiate great contracts, travel arrangements, accommodations, work visa's in foreign countries, and more.

Appalled by the number of online modelling sites run by individuals who have never worked in our industry, we recognised the need for a safe, legitimate, and affordable way for startup models to be seen and managed. We work in the commercial sector, so there are NO height, weight or age restrictions. ​It all depends on how genuine & committed you are. 

DTM® offers aspiring models an opportunity to work with industry professionals and get managed by our agency (Dynamic Talent Management www.dynamictalentmanagement.com) in the most secure way.

What We Do To Get You Started

Firstly, before you join DTM® you will have a photo shoot. This is for us to determine what you look like in front of the camera. Can you follow instructions and take direction? Are you confident in your body? What type of work will you be best suited?

These are the questions we need to determine whilst we do our shoot. All successful candidates will work with a team of experts on the day, photographers, makeup artist, stylist and model coaches. Prior to the shoot you will sit down with one of our talent agents who will thoroughly discuss the benefits of our service and what we'll look to achieve with with you throughout your time with us.


We Help New Models With?

All images taken at your test shoot are FREE, these will be used by Dynamic Talent Management, and will be displayed on our website. All successful models will have their own professional profile on our site. We have many clients who browse our site everyday looking for models so inevitably it leads to you being noticed and securing work. Once your images have been retouched and developed, and your personal profile is on our main site, we safely but effectively market and promote you using various different portals. This leads to exposure and the more exposure the more work we secure for the individual. On our main site you will have access to our JOB BOARD so you will always be up dated on new jobs.


We Develop and Manage Models

​Whether you are new to the industry or an experienced model who needs assistance with career management, contract negotiations, building your portfolio and other professional modelling services DTM® can help! The staff at DTM® are committed professionals who fully understand all aspects of the modelling industry. Once you sign with us, we provide you with a Talent Manager. They are responsible for providing you with your own personal photographer, so when you have an idea, concept and location for a shoot, you can organise it with your photographer and Talent Manager, and build - we advise all our models to keep building on their portfolio's as this give us as an agency more to sell of you. Your Talent Manager will also get your travel, food & accommodation expenses covered so throughout your time with DTM® these expenses won't affect your pocket.

What DTM Can Do For You

DTM® give you the exposure you need to get get noticed by directors, designers and project managers who are actively searching for faces. Our years of experience and connections to the industry will give you the advantage over your competition. Once you enrol you will get social media promotion, job board pass code and the opportunity to be connected with with the casting networking sites. After 2/3 months of promotion and TFP jobs, you'll be ready and more confident to secure bigger jobs.

We Do All The Work For You

Choose our PHOTO SUBMIT SERVICE and let us prepare and submit your photo and application to the head of our recruitment team, once your photos have been reviewed by our team, you'll receive a call from one of our DTM® model bookers who will schedule you in for a Test Shoot. Whether you have professional pictures or not this is a process that everyone must go through prior to initiation.

Nationwide Exposure - Fast!

When beginning a career as a model it is essential to get as much exposure as you can. To do this you need to be active. At DTM® our sole purpose is to give you exposure to the people who really matter - Directors; Music, Film, Online & TV. Also, different Designers, Established Photographers, Casting Agents & Project Managers. Without a manager your chances of becoming a working model and booking paying jobs is essentially nil - it's just that simple. DTM provides you with the exposure, development and management you need so you can get noticed and get your career started on the right track.

14 Business Days & Expert Membership Plans

DTM has developed experienced Talent Managers who are heavily connected with a high number of industry professionals, most have each worked in the modelling and talent industries for years. After the initial intake and you complete your photo shoot, it will take 14 days for your profile to go live and you will receive your test shoot images shortly after. Once allocated a talent manager, you will have direct contact and will be able to correspond through The Talent Manager's What's App Group. All Model's commit to a membership when signing a contract. This membership will cover the model throughout their time with us. Prior to your photo shoot you will have a meeting with our talent managers who will discuss the benefits and memberships. For more information on initial set up cost click HERE